Original: [30 x 24.5] $1,550

Canvas Giclee Print: [20 x 16] $350

Equality, personal choice, women occupying positions of authority based solely on talent and capability, eliminating harassment, condescension, and denigrating behavior of all types. It is time for all of us – from celebrities to next door neighbors – to stand up for what is good and right.

Original: [30 x 22] $1,400

Canvas Giclee Print: [19 x 14] $325

The Native American spirit remains above the fray. Historically, lovers of nature and worshippers of powerful forces to heal and protect, there is much to learn from these insightful peoples’ culture.

Original: [40 x 28] $2,250

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 16] $450

During the 1920’s the Charleston, accentuated by a care-free party atmosphere, swept the country. In the 1970’s disco dancing and spinning mirror balls ruled. More recently, Swing and Hip-Hop have connected the young with the young-at-heart. 

Original: 36 x 28] $2,100

Canvas Giclee Print: [22 x 17] $400

Genius comes from a multitude of sources.  Here is one of the most prolific genius minds of modern time. Is there likely anyone that will replace him?

Original: [30 x 24] $1,525

Canvas Giclee Print: [25 x 20] $475

Life as a cowboy on the plains of west Texas is anything but easy. 

Original: [36 x 28] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [18 x 14] $325

Over more than three decades, Nick Bollettieri was credited with developing ten iconic # 1 world tennis players and more than forty other top ranked tennis athletes. The Bollettieri Academy, opened in 1978, was the first major tennis boarding school. It forever changed the way tennis was taught at the elite junior level.

Original: [30 x 27] $1,700

Canvas Giclee Print [20 x 18] $400

Andre Agassi, a retired former #1 world tennis player, is one of the game’s most dominant and charismatic players of all time. Generally considered by critics and fellow players to be one of the best service returners in the history of the game. He married Steffi Graf in 2001in Las Vegas where they continue to live.

Original: [25 x 20] $1,100

Canvas Giclee Print [14 x 11] $275

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren is an English actor who’s won an Academy Award for Best Actress, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes, four Emmy Awards, and two Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awards. She seems to defy aging…in so many ways.

Original: [36 x26] $2,000

Canvas Giclee Print [25 x 18] $475

Can a bond between a pet poodle and its owner be any more evident?

Original: [40 x 28] $2,250

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 16] $450

Behind the headdress of Indian chiefs and medicine sages was centuries of tradition and culture that is now all but lost to an ever advancing world.


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