Original: [24 x 48] $2,250

Canvas Giclee Print: [12 x 24] $300

Our climate is changing in every corner of the planet. Is it possible that another 40 year flood is on its way?

Original: [40 x 28] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 16] $425

Winter slowly comes to an end.  One of the first signs shows up as thin ice resulting from a rising sun beating down on on frozen lakes. New life is just around the corner.

Original: [24 x 48] $2,400

Canvas Giclee Print: [12 x 24] $300

Native Americans have held the wolf in high esteem for centuries. This is particularly true as it relates to finding and providing food, protecting their own, and using their social hierarchy for division of labor and putting the pack above individual needs.

Original: [18 x 28] $1,100

Canvas Giclee Print: [13 x 20] $325

Finding a place for reflection, taking a break from life’s hectic pace, using nature’s bounty as a source of peace and renewal, pursuing the hint of a bright future ahead.

Original: [30 x 25] $1,575

Canvas Giclee Print: [18 x 15] $325

She wakes each morning to a single new rose that will replace the most withering rose in her forever living bowl of roses. What is the backstory to this standing tradition?

Original: [22 x 48] $2,200

Canvas Giclee Print: [11 x 24] $325

Lighthouses have existed to deliver a ‘heads up’ to arriving vessels, as well as, warn of potential incoming trouble. We now need “lighthouses” dedicated to picking up the potential dangers of rapidly arriving climate change. 

Original: [24 x 36] $1,800

Canvas Giclee Print: [12 x 18] $300

Along the large plains in Africa Rhinos graze in the tall grass, depicting the dichotomy between feeding their bodies and putting themselves in harms way.

Original: [24 x 36] $1,800

Canvas Giclee Print: [12 x 18] $300

Fall overflows with color, and bursts of warmth like a final gasp at life before winter take hold.

Original: [28 x 66] $3,325

Canvas Giclee Print: [14 x 33] $425

A colorful New England fall is spectacular. But equally majestic are thousands of acres of golden aspens standing against the snow covered peaks of the Rockies – both serene and rugged in the same breath.

Original; [28 x 66] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [14 x 33] $425

Is this a working harbor on an inlet off the Maine coastline, or does it serve as a quiet getaway for successful business executives along the north shores of San Francisco Bay? What does your mind conjure up?

Original [20 x 28] $1,225

Canvas Giclee Print: [14 x 20] $350

There’s safety in numbers. These three guys hang out together in hopes that their enemies don’t attempt to attack anyway. Hey, the water tastes great!

Original: [22 x 28] $1,350

Canvas Giclee Print [14 x 18] $325

Here is a single tree surrounded by an abundance of colorful flowers in an open field. Is it your experience that stretches of open field, particularly near water, attract plentiful colorful wildlife? Where do you think this place exists? California, Florida, Hawaii?

Original: [30 x 24] $1,500

Canvas Giclee Print: [20 x 16]

Prince influenced millions. Now his spirit appears to be showing up in some of the unusual ways.


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