Original: [20 x 40] $1,700

Canvas Giclee Print: [15 x 30] $450

Out of chaos comes new directions, new possibilities – a new beginning.

Original: [40 x 28] $2,250

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 16] $425

Rivers – some clean, others less so – merging, separating, and snaking through the environment. What does your mind’s eye see in terms of an ecological backstory?

Original: [24 x 66] $2,900

Canvas Giclee Print: [12 x 33] $425

A good deal has been said recently about the idea of many universes surrounding us, encompassing us. Here is one possible perspective.

Original: [36 x 24] $1,800

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 16] $425

The inhospitable terrain of a still-forming earth coexisting with abundant amounts of paradise.  Just one of the myriad wonders this planet offers for us to experience.

Original: [36 x 28] $2,100

Canvas Giclee Print: [27 x 21] $485

Waves of disarray, disruption, and unexpected change keep coming at us with increasing speed and intensity.

Original: [48 x 36] $3,350

Canvas Giclee Print: [28 x 21] $475

When one thinks of Brazil; sunshine, beaches, brilliant colors, beautiful women, and a carnival atmosphere come to mind – especially in Rio De Janeiro.

Original: [48 x 36] $3,350

Canvas Giclee Print: [28 x 21] $475

The setting for this painting might very well be New Orleans’ Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras where flashing for beads is all the rage.

Original: [30 x 60] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [15 x 30] $475

One of the most mesmerizing things kids do (even some adults as well) is stare at the stars and dream about what’s out there.

Original: [48 x 38] $3,300

Canvas Giclee Print: [24 x 19] $475

Taos is tucked into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the the north-central region of New Mexico. Hundreds of artists reside there, mostly because the spot is suppose to be enchanted and overflowing with inspiration.

Original: [24 x 48] $2,400

Canvas Giclee Print: [16x 32] $475

Our planet continues to build upon itself.  Just one of the many wonders that keep us guessing what exists beyond what we can see.

Original: [36 x 18] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [28 x 14] $400

This painting offers a vibrant and changing scene. Yet, there are clearly suggestions of chaos and destruction everywhere. Could this be what misfortune looks like?

Original: [48 x 60] SOLD

Canvas Giclee Print: [16 x 20] $350

Legend has it that we each have a guardian angel watching out for us. This is my take on what guardian angels might look like.


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